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Been using for years!

I have been using the Groceries app for years and I love it! I always buy the same things from the same stores, so I love having a saved grocery list for each store. Sometimes I don't even check what I need before I leave the house, but the fact that it's saved means I can be reminded of what I MIGHT need since anything possible item is saved on the list. It takes an investment of time to enter all the items for each store, but once you do, it's always there and totally worth doing!

Latest update is crashing

I have been using & enjoying for years without any problems. The latest update, however, results in the app not opening as it crashes anytime you try to launch it.

Great Customizable App ❤❤❤

I have had this app for years and I absolutely love it! ❤❤❤ I don't know why you don't hear more about it. I guess I need to talk if up more. 😉 I have looked at lots of other grocery & list apps and I keep coming back to this one. You do need to take some time to set it up, but it is no more difficult or more of a hassle than writing out a grocery list. It is also simple and intuitive. Oh and it isn't just for groceries. Customizable! 😊👍🏻

Great app, until I updated it!

I have been using this app for years and greatly enjoy its ease of use. However, I just updated it, and now the touch menu on the right side of the screen that lets you jump to a letter the alphabet doesn't seem to be working. Also, the toolbar has moved from the top to the bottom of the screen. This may seem like a relatively minor thing, but it's location has been ingrained in my muscle memory at this point. Why change something just for the sake of change?

Update broke it!

I have used this app since I got my first iPhone 3. Now all my items are gone. No amount of resetting brings them back.

Best app

If you want an app that does what it's designed to do, get this one. Easy to use. I go through my list at home and check off the things I need. I organized my list by the isles at the store, so when I get there I start on one end and go straight through the store and my list, skipping isles I don't need to go down. I know exactly what I need and exactly where it is. Support is awesome also. With the upgrade for iOS 10, it started crashing. They responded to my email the next day and fixed the problem.

Groceries grocery list

Have been using this app for a number of doesn't matter how many I look at it prefer this's easy-to-use

Crashing on opening

Just updated and now it crashes!! Won't open at all!! Update: Just updated and it works and looks great now!! There response and help was fast and very helpful. Thank you very much. I have my groceries back!! 😁

Best app fro groceries

The app has been stale for many many years. I'm glad that the developers updated it. It allows to share the list with other users on iPhones or not.

Grocery list is wonderful

This is my go to app for all shopping. The purchase version is also great. Many outstanding points about this product but above all customer support is the best. When you get this app you will wonder how you shopped without it. Best!

My Favorite List App

I have used this app for years now and was so happy to see they released an update for iOS 10. I love how you can customize the lists to go in the order of the aisles in your grocery store. I have different lists for different stores (regular grocery, trader joes, costco, etc). I also like how many items were already in the app along with sections, so I didn't have to enter in every item.

Please update

When are you going to update this for the larger screens? Do you even read the reviews or emails? Time to delete. Plenty of other list apps in the store.

Crashing all the time

I have used this app happily for years. It was my absolutely favorite, go-to app for organizing my shopping. But it has now become almost unusable now. It crashes constantly whenever I try to make more than one change at a time to an item. It crashes under other conditions do. It's very consistent in its crashing, and should be easy for the developer to reproduce and fix. Such a frustration and a disappointment for what had been such a good app.

Crashes like crazy!

App hasn't been updated since 2012, but newest update to iOS has caused a new glitch the company isn't interested in fixing- add more than 1 of any item and the app crashes, just disappears! Notifications to the company have gone unanswered, so they're obviously not interested in fixing this to be compatible with new iOS releases, only in getting our money.


After I've loved this app for year, now it crashes when I change quantity or store!

Suddenly Started Crashing

This has been my go-to shopping app for ages. Suddenly last week it started crashing whenever I enter a quantity other than 1. Every single time. App and iOS are up to date, and I haven’t changed any settings. Not sure what the trouble is, but if it’s not fixed soon I will have to find another app.

Keeps crashing

I love this app and have used it forever but recently it just keeps crashing whenever I add an item. Please fix.


I've been using this app for 3 years now and it's been the most effective grocery app I've used so far. One day, it just decided to crash repetitively while I add items to my list. Please have an update for this app.

Update please!!

I have used this app for years now and really love it, but am considering switching to one that utilizes scanning barcodes. Call me lazy…don’t care….want to let my kids have fun scanning stuff when they finish something and it needs to added to the list:))

Need update

It’s about time for an update! Used app for several years, but going to another program with more modern features (i.e. scanning items into list rather than manual addition of items)

new glitch

I have used and enjoyed this app for years. It took many, many hours to get it set up just the way I like it, as I shop at multiple grocery stores. Recently, something changed (nothing I did), and when I switch a grocery item to another store, it LOOKS like it's doing what I'm telling it to do, but then it secretly adds the item to the wrong store. This has led to multiple frustrations and trips back to stores for items that didn't get logged in the indicated store. I've put up with this for months and it's driving me crazy, I contacted ontomni who suggested a settings adjustment (it was already correctly set & it's not a settings issue). So sadly I have to dump this app and research a new one that can reliably do what this app used to do before some improvement jacked it up. bye bye groceries...

Excellent grocery app

I have used Groceries for over two years for all my shopping needs. I do not know how I functioned without it. A great app at a great price!

Great app but....

Please update to support larger screen.

Sure looked promising in the description

As others have said, this is very complicated software for a grocery list. (I've been using software since the days when I had to write my own). Nonetheless, I happily spent the better portion of yesterday afternoon and into the evening setting it up. Turns out to be a waste of time. I shop at 3 different stores, and wanted to set that up in this app. Admittedly, I made a mistake, and accidentally added a number of items from the dictionary to my list under the wrong store. What can I say, I'm new to this app. In any case, the description claims that you can multi-edit items, so changing the store to the correct one should be easy, right? Not right. While the procedure took some fiddling to figure it out (there is a very good manual that comes with the app), it just doesn't work as advertised. After I thought I had each item in the correct store list, when I started creating a shopping list, the items what had been in the wrong list jumped back to appear under the original, incorrect, store. That's where so much of yesterday went, trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong to cause this issue. If it was me, I sure couldn't figure out how. The instructions seemed clear and that part of the whole process wasn't terribly complicated. Very similar to doing the same thing in a database, or almost any software that keeps multiple lists. Late yesterday, I sent an email to Ontomni customer support complaining bout this, but, as of yet, haven't received a reply. EDIT: It's been 5 days since I posted this, and still haven't received a reply to my complaint. For me, this is a big strike against any software company. Obviously, they don't care. This is very disappointing. This app has the list of features I need, and more. But it doesn't come close in actual function to it's claims. I gave it 2 stars because it has promise, though in it's current incarnation, it's handicapped to the point of uselessness.


An app with multiple store lists and easy to use! Love it!

Groceries made easy!

I love this app, we organized ours by aisles of our favorite store- it's awesome and easy to use.

replaced Grocery iQ

After much searching among shopping list apps, I found this one and it's a keeper! Very flexible and customizable database. Just what I was looking for!

This app is hard to use and frustrating

What more can I say. Only use this app if you have all day to work on a shopping list, or a month to learn how to use it. If you like challenges, and want to use the most complicated grocery list ever-than this is the app for you!


After looking for and downloading many grocery apps, I found the one! This app is AWESOME. I like the options and the ability to customize my lists. My only problem is with my latest download, my icon disappeared. I'm glad to see that it didn't just happen to me. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.

Well organized, very functional!!!

This app is a must have for people always on the go!! Well executed and designed!! I have had this app for several years and it helps keep me in one place.

Blank icon

I have been using this app for over two years now. Its great, but since this latest update the icon is blank. Please fix ASAP.

Missing Icon

Great app but after the recent update I'm missing the icon. Please fix!

Icon blank

Great app but icon is now blank after latest update

Love it!

I taught this app what the aisles in my particular store were and now it is simply the best list possible. Not only will I not use any other app, I also won't go to a different store haha! Now if only they had a companion app that would save my recipes and let me export ingredients into this app... I would pay for that in a heartbeat!!! <hint hint>

still enjoying it

I have looked at other lists, both before and after purchasing and this seems to be the best still. I'm loving the new features, and I love how much time and money this app has saved me from running to the store again and from printing the list weekly! At on point I asked for staples to show up regularly and they topped that by allowing recurring items on a schedule you select. Hows that for customer service. Now I think it's great and would only ask for a way to quickly select all checked off items to clear your list when done. Keep up the great work, I would be lost at the grocery store without you.

Great app

Handy as pockets on pants, add items daily then use it to buy.

for my catering business too

I have a catering business and I use this app for all the things that I don't get from my primary suppliers. So, trips to Sam's and the farmer's market are where this app works for me. I also use it for all of my home shopping too.


Once you spend some time with this app, you will realize just how powerful and customizable it is! After you get it set up in your own way, you will NEVER go shopping without it again! I gave it 5 Stars but there is 2 missing features that would make it complete ... 1) An integrated Bar Code Scanner to automatically add items to your list in any store's own nomenclature (such as name, size, volume, etc.), and to check and update current unit prices! 2) Needs the ability to compare prices between the stores or supermarkets the user saves in the setup. Even so, it is still a MUST HAVE!

Perfect app! Missing one feature

I have tried out a few of the other grocery/list making software and this one stands out on top! I love the interface and ease of use. I'm a stickler for good design. The only reason I can't continue to use this as my main grocery list app is the inability to sync it with multiple iPhones. I want to go shopping with my partner and have our list updated in real time. Why not take advantage of the cloud for everyday activities? Please ad syncing and I would gladly pay (again)!

Best grocery app for the serious grocery shopper, hands down

I've had this for 2 years and LOVE it, so was amazed that this only had 3 stars. I read the reviews and realized it isn't for everyone, BUT if you are a serious grocery shopper who uses multiple stores, comparison shops by price, has special dietary needs, or wants to effectively manage your budget, get this app. If you want a simple, super-easy grocery list app, you may prefer something else more intuitive. This app is super-customizable, so you can tweak to suit your needs. For a long time, I avoided entering prices because I figured it was too annoying to do with every item, but obviously you shop for items over and over, so it is well worth it! I am able to keep to our weekly cash grocery budget to a T with this app, and quickly catch cashier or tagging errors at checkout. I shop at 2-3 stores per week and track coupons and sales - this works great for that. Also, you can email your list to someone else, and if they have the app, they can import it also. Really nice for when my DH has things he thinks of while at work, I can just put them into my list. Also integrates fairly will with Listomni, although it is by no means seamless. I prefer this just for groceries (and routine household items at Target, for example) and use Listomni for everything else (packing, gift ideas, errands).

could be much better

it gets the job done. pros - thorough details cons - buttons are too tiny , would like it to synch with a mac app and a ipad app... so i could enter or modify items on any ios device or mac... they could re-think the uncheck this .... if i identify an item.. it can assume i want that item and shouldnt have to press another button... its decent but much room for improvement

This could be a 5 star app

This could be a 5 star app, but it's not. - It needs a lot of work to even be minimally useful. Another 99-cents, plus tax wasted. Although not perfect either, there's a better app. out there - keep looking (Sorry, you'll have to search yourself as I'm not inclined to shill for another developer on someone's product page.) I wish this was a better app and it could be with just a little work. Note that the app has not been updated since Aug. 2010. I like the unit cost capabilities and that I get a total of my purchases, but I can't mark what I want to purchase from the list I create. The interface is inconsistent (you can select multiple items to delete or mail, but you cannot select multiple items from the "dictionary" to be added to your list - you must painstakingly add items to your list one at a time using multiple taps to confirm your selection.) Doesn't acan barcodes. "Dictionary" items (I'd call it a catalog) can be added and deleted, but not edited. You can't indicate the number of items you may want to purchase, only the unit cost. You cannot separately list the brand you prefer. RH

Easy efficiency

Quick & easy to start using in alpha mode and then add the great myriad of features in this program as you learn them. Great updates, doesn't jam & good instructions included. (We paired this with a wipe off board @ home for family requests and now have a great system.)

Love it


Essential app!

I love this app! It does everything I need it to for only $1. It works great, I couldn't live without it now. I've never had a problem using it.

Powerful and easy

I love it when I don't have to read the directions.... Especially when an app offers a lot of detail. It makes me feel free and smart..... And UNfrustrated!!!! I have tried at least 8 list apps both free and up to $4.99. THIS ONE RULES!!!! I shop for the same things at multiple stores and this app let's me separate by store and keep items so I don't have to constantly re-enter them. ( I can grey them out once I put them in the cart.... So not only can I activate the item when I need it again I can see in the store what I have and haven't gotten. This App also stops scrolling dizziness by allowing me to collapse the lists at the other stores I can just have the one from the store where I am . It also let's me add names of stores I use all the time onto the tumbler.... And create rank order....Feels really custom. This app is the poster child for a well designed fully featured simple to use and intuitive to figure out App. THANK YOU for all the work you put into making it. Pam Morris

Lost without it

I have saved so much paper because of this app. I love it. I can keep track of sales of so many items, priced differently at my main stores. My only problem is, since the last update the app is not holding prices, especially coupon amounts. Is there a fix on the way for this?

Love this app...but

The only thing I would add to this stellar app is the ability to sync or share my list with someone else. I'd love to share the shopping with my partner and we both have iPhones, it would be great if we could check off items on the same list!

Love This App!

Wish List : I would love to be able to hook this app with a customizable recipe app. I would input all my recipes. Then when selecting a recipe it would put all ingredients onto the grocery list. Also would need to be able to add additional items.

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